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Therapy Innovation Summit 2022

November 7-10, 2022
Speaker Bios 

Dr. Matthew Antonucci


Brain Injury, Developmental and Movement Disorders, Disease, and Sports Enhancement

Dr. Jim Duffy

Dr. Duffy Headshot.jpg

Brain Injury, Cognition, Aging, Disease, Autonomic Dysfunction and Sports Enhancement

Clark Elliott, Ph.D.


Meticulous Recount of a 10-Year Struggle and Recovery from Brain Injury

Dr. Marla Golden

Dr. Marla Golden.jpg

Reversing Persistent Pain

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KJ Lavan

KJ Lavan_edited.jpg

 A Perspective on the Use of Epigenetics and Psychedelics in Mental Health

Paul Madaule


Retraining How the Brain Processes Sound to Improve Autism, Learning Difficulties, and Cognition


Dr. Donalee Markus


Cognitive Restructuring for Brain Injury, Stroke, Aging, Learning Difficulties and Professional Enhancement

Mark Watson


Brain Injury, Disease Long Covid, Cognitive and Sports Enhancement

Barbara Arrowsmith Young

barbara arrowsmith young.jfif

Neuroeducation, Cognitive Strengthing for Learning Difficulties

Dr. Deborah Zelinsky

Dr. Zelensky.png

Neuro-Optometry Rehabilitation for Brain Injury, Learning Difficulties, Aging, Disease

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