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2000 Nobel Prize winner, Eric Kandel's research overturned 400 years of brain theory and ushered in a new paradigm in treating brain and nervous system disabilities, transitioning from compensation to recovery-based modalities.  
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Good Reads
These books detail some of the more well-known and inspiring discoveries and research on neuroplasticity that are easy reads.  Dr. Norman Doidge's  and Sharon Begley's books are a great place to start to get an overview of the science and its potential impact to help people recover from neurological disability.  For those seeking a more scientific review, please look for articles published by the list of researchers provided at right. 
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Barbara Arrowsmith-Young

The Woman Who Changed her Brain, 2012

Personal story and description of the methodology she used to overcome the learning difficulties she was born with, and now uses to help tens of thousands of kids and adults globally.


Sharon Begley

The Mind and The Brain, 2003; Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain, 2007; The Emotional Life of Your Brain, 2012

"Train Your Mind" was the first popular account of  how the brain can change.  It explores how meditation and other forms of mental training can alter the structure and function of the brain.

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Dale Bredesen

The End of Alzheimer's, 2019

The book documents his research and the resulting protocol that can prevent and reverse Alzheimer's Disease.

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Richard Davidson

The Emotional Life of Your Brain, 2102; Altered Traits, 2017

Research demonstrating meditation’s ability to alter brain structure and how to use meditation to get the changes you want.

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Marion Diamond

Enriching Heredity, 1988

"The Mother of Neuroplasticity" discusses the impact of Nature & Nurture to change the brain across generations.

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Norman Doidge

The Brain that Changes Itself , 2007; The Brain's Way of Healing, 2015

Reviews history, supporting science and key research as well as treatments and case studies in recovery.


Paul Madaule

When Listening Comes Alive, 1994 (online version 2015)

Paul's personal story, description of Alfred Tomatis’s listening therapy and how he has used the therapy to help children overcome learning difficulties for over 40 years.


Michael Merzenich

Soft-wired: How the New Science of Brain Plasticity Can Change Your Life, 2013

The ”Father of Neuroplasticity” discusses his research confirming the ability to shift cognitive capability within the brain and how to use this knowledge to improve diverse neurological challenges.


David Pearlmutter

Grain Brain, 2013; Brain Wash 2020

Details research on how our diet, the gut's microbiome, and exercise impact brain health and how to make improvements.


V. S. Ramachandran

Phantoms in the Brain, 1998; The Tell-Tale Brain, 2010

Dr. Ramachandran invented the mirror box, which helps treat phantom limb pain.  His books discuss the research and discoveries used to treat phantom limbs, synesthesia and Capgas Syndrome. 

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Jeffrey M. Schwartz

Brain Lock, 1996; The Mind & The Brain, 2003; You Are Not Your Brain, 2012

Dr. Schwartz, a psychiatrist, has researched and applied the principles of neuroplasticity in treating mental health.  His books detail the research and methodology that can be used by individuals in overcoming OCD, destructive thinking, etc.

Paul Bach-y-Rita

Vision and Sensory Perception

Bach-y-Rita proved the brain's adaptability with regards to sensory perception. He demonstrated that if one sense sustained damage, the other senses might be able to compensate. 

Fred Gage

Neuronal Regenesis

Along with Peter Erikkson, he discovered that the human brain continues to produce new nerve cells in adulthood. Until then, it had been assumed that humans are born with a finite number of cells.

Elizabeth Gould

Neuronal Regenesis

Proved that the brains of primates demonstrate neurogenesis, the generation of new nerve cells and proposes that humans continue to generate new neurons in the hippocampal region.

Eric Kandel

Synapse and Memory 

Won 2000 Nobel Prize for research demonstrating the role synapses play in storing memories.

Jon H. Kaas

Brain Sensory Mapping 

Along with Michael Merzenich, proved through research that the areas of the brain that control certain functions can change based on neuron growth, which illustrated the brain was a "use it or lose it" based system.  

Eve Marder

Neuronal Firing Patterns

Research is focused on how neural circuits generate firing patterns that control rhythmic muscle movements. These movements are used in breathing, walking, and food digestion.

Michael Merzenich

Memory Retention

As he Father of Neuroplasticity, his research in brain mapping with Jon Kass and further research on the ability to shape the brain at various stages of aging and the ability to improve cognition through mental exercise.

Carla Shatz

Synaptic Control

Popularized the phrase "Cells that fire together, wire together."  Multiple discoveries on controlling the synaptic connections that wire neurons together to increase plasticity 

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