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Meet KJ Lavan

KJ Lavan’s vision and initiatives align with the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). Without addressing brain health illnesses, our communities and workplaces will continue to be increasingly challenged to maintain sustainability, economically and socially. KJ’s journey into brain health began after watching his grandmother and father succumb to Alzheimer's Disease. As his mother now exhibits painfully familiar signs and symptoms, KJ is on a personal mission to help families and communities have a healthy brain throughout life.


This journey has led him to psychedelic mushrooms, which opened his eyes to their potential as possibly the Holy Grail of brain health. This is particularly true of micro-dosing, which is shown to enhance neurogenesis and synaptogenesis. And rather than declining in brain health as we age, there is evidence that we could continue to improve in synergy with nutrition and movement.


KJ’s initiative, The Brain Matrix, is the Holy Grail for diverse neuroscience-inspired technologies and practices addressing the confluence of mental health, neurology, education, organizational development, and positive psychology – resilience, happiness, and productivity. It constitutes a promising new investment impact with regard to corporate social responsibility. The case for The Brain Matrix highlights a new investment category, which places a premium on technological healthcare innovations and practices that improve brain health and skills namely, psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies.


He lives in Dubai, UAE and Houston, Texas. He earned a B.A. from McNeese State University and M.B.A. from Texas Southern University. His multifaceted career path includes:  Pharmaceutical/Biotech Senior Vice President,  Military Officer, Behavioral Change Specialist, and Nutrition & Wellness Educator. In addition to being a former professional athlete, KJ is an international award-winning senior-level executive, Global Wellness Ambassador, Global Wellness Institute contributor, and CEO of The Middle East’s leading Wellness Enterprise, KJL International.

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