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Therapy Innovation Summit 2022

November 7-10, 2022
Free Online Event

Join NPA for four days of in-depth discusson detailing the science and application of proven neuroplasticity-based treatments designed to help individuals:

  • Recover from neurological challenges such as brain injury, learning dificulties, movement disorders and aging,

  • Enhance intellectual capabities, and

  • Improve athletic prowess.

Enhance Cognition and Performance 
Brain Sketch
November 7

12:00 PM EST

Sherry Odom &

Emily Applegate,
Summit Opener

Summit Opening Remarks

12:10 PM EST

Clark Elliott,

Ghost in My Brain

Unforgettable Chronicle of His Recovery from Brain Injury Using Treatments by Dr. Donalee Markus and Dr. Deborah Zelinsky 

2:00 PM EST

Dr. Donalee Markus, Designs For Strong Minds

Cognitive Restructuring for Brain Injury, Stroke, Aging, Learning Difficulties and Professional Enhancement

3:00 PM EST

Dr. Deborah Zelinsky,
Mind-Eye Institute

Using Neuro-Optometry to Sync Eye and Body Function in the Rehabilittation of Brain Injury, Learning Difficulties, Aging, and Disease

November 8

12:00 PM EST

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, The Arrowsmith Program 

Neuroeducation, Cognitive Strengthing for Learning Difficulties

1:30 PM EST

Paul Madaule & Rosalinde Pecino,
The Listening Centre

Retraining How the Brain Processes Sound to Improve Autism, Learning Difficulties, and Cognition 

November 9

12:00 PM EST

Mark Watson,
ABI Wellness

Brain Injury, Cognition, Aging, Disease, Autonomic Dysfunction and Sports Enhancement

1:30 PM EST

Dr. Jim Duffy & Dr. Frank Patterson,

Plasticity Centers 

Recover Cognitive Loss from Brain Injury, Neurological Disease and Long Covid; Enhance Sports Development

November 10

12:00 PM EST

Dr. Marla Golden,


Reversing Persistent Pain

1:30 PM EST

Dr. Matthew Antonucci,

The Carrick Institute 

Brain Injury, Developmental and Movement Disorders, Disease, and Sports Enhancement

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