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Our mission is to accelerate awareness of, access to, and development of neuroplastic treatments in order to change the trajectory of patients and families affected by brain and neurologic dysfunction.  We want neuroplastic treatments to become a 1st line of defense rather than a last resort.  In practice, this requires building bridges between neuroplasticity visionaries, the best practitioners, the brightest innovators, and forward-thinking investors.  


Here's how we plan to do it...

Increasing Awareness of Existing Treatments & Their Effectiveness

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Our goal is to ensure consumers, traditional healthcare providers, the media, institutions, and regulators understand the breadth of neuroplastic treatment options and their benefits.  We want consumers to learn how to access providers and evaluate their effectiveness, especially when compared to more mainstream options.  NPA will help educate the healthcare ecosystem by being a trusted information resource, providing easy access to supporting research, hosting events, identifying speakers, offering training, conducting new research, and telling neuroplasticity's story. 

Providing Strategic Support to Companies and Neuroclinicians

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We partner with accelerators, investors, and industry experts to provide business, marketing, legal and other support to a select number of growth-oriented companies and clinicians who are bringing new modalities, treatments, and technologies to market or are trying to scale their existing business.  For established companies, we help their products or services succeed in the marketplace by mobilizing millions of supportive consumers. 

Accelerating Translation of Research into New Treatments


We plan to accelerate the translation of research findings into clinical application through advocacy programs, building research synergies, supporting data-sharing and open science initiatives, proactively closing research gaps and aggressively developing new treatment protocols.

Attaining Acceptance of Traditional Healthcare Providers


NPA is educating and partnering with traditional healthcare providers to ensure they are aware of treatment options and how they can be integrated with more mainstream protocols.  Providing ease of access to supporting science and industry experts to build trust and collaboration is a top priority for NPA.   

Achieving Third-Party Reimbursement, Shaping Guidelines & Policies


NPA will work to attain third-party reimbursement for proven neuroplasticity treatments by adopting strategies used in the acupuncture, chiropractic, pain management, and cognitive enhancement software industries.  Coverage for neuroplastic treatments offers a win-win strategy for reimbursement providers because these treatments remove or lessen the root cause of the issue rather than treating symptoms, which can last a lifetime.    Additionally, NPA seeks to modify treatment guidelines for professional organizations, such as speech or physical therapy, so that neuroplasticity approaches receive equal weighting as a treatment modality.

Foster Professional Collaboration and Education


Building bridges between innovators, investors, clinicians, researchers, and mentors will accelerate the industry's success.  NPA looks forward to hosting regional and national summits, providing novel training opportunities, establishing mentorships, and connecting the dots...or should we say neurons!

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