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Meet Dr. Matthew Antonucci

Brain Injury, Movement Disorders, Degenerative Disease, Sports Enhancement, and Developmental Disorders

Dr. Antonucci is an experienced chiropractic neurologist, functional neurology practitioner, researcher, and international lecturer with more than a decade of clinical experience.  He finds particular interest in educating healthcare providers, treating childhood developmental disorders, movement disorders, degenerative conditions, brain injuries, sports and neurological performance enhancement, and conducting clinical research.  He proudly has participated in the health transformation of thousands of patients through the prescription and administration of neuroplasticity-based rehabilitation programs and is based in Orlando, FL.


After receiving his doctorate in chiropractic medicine, he became a board-certified diplomate in the sub-specialty of chiropractic neurology. While completing a fellowship in functional neurology, Dr. Antonucci completed a 2-year neurology residency under Professor Fredrick R. Carrick, training in the rehabilitation of complex neurological conditions. Dr. Antonucci continued to engage in the advancement of his knowledge by completing 1-year fellowships in each of the following: childhood developmental disorders, vestibular rehabilitation, neurochemistry and nutrition, and a 2-year fellowship in traumatic brain injury rehabilitation. In 2015, he was bestowed the highest honor in the chiropractic profession: a lifetime fellowship into the International College of Chiropractic. Dr. Antonucci is currently the President of the American Board of Brain Injury Rehabilitation, a Review Editor for the peer reviewed medical journal “Frontiers in Neuroscience”, an Associate Professor of Clinical Neuroscience for the Carrick Institute.

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