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Meet Mark Watson

Brain Injury, Disease, Long Covid, Cognitive and Sports Enhancement

Mark Watson is co-founder and CEO of ABI Wellness, a brain injury recovery program utilizing a unique neuroplastic protocol - the BEARS platform -  to accomplish a 77% return to work rate.  ABI Wellness is based in British Columbia with practitioners available throughout North America.


Mark's background as an educator and an athlete positions him to appreciate and explore the brain's ability to change and recover after brain injury.  His experiences with learning difficulties developed his interest in different learning profiles and helped students better understand the nature of their disabilities and their ability to overcome them.  Mark has worked in education and cognitive rehabilitation since 2002.  Having served as a teacher, administrator, Executive Director, and CEO.  With a background in human kinetics and educational leadership, Mark has successfully paired his background in both of these areas with his role at ABI Wellness.  Pairing his clinical experience in serving students with learning disabilities with his previous experience as the Co-founder and Executive Director of the Watson Centre for Brain Health, Mark has seen firsthand the overwhelmingly positive impact that strengthening specific neurological capacities can have on all aspects of a patient's life.  He is committed to working with patients so they can lead more fulfilled and independent lives.  Mark is a frequent speaker on the topic of brain injury rehabilitation and serves as a member of the integrated health advisory board at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.   

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