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Meet Dr. Deborah Zelinsky

Neuro-Optometry Rehabilitation for Brain Injury, Learning Difficulties, Aging, Disease

Dr. Zelinsky, the founder of the Mind-Eye Institute, is a neuro-optometric rehabilitation visionary, creating proprietary methods for measuring the eye's performance in conjunction with how the brain processes its visual inputs.  Individuals with a wide range of neurological dysfunction can benefit, including, but not limited to those with learning difficulties, brain injury, vertigo, etc.  You can take a short assessment found on the website here to determine if you're a possible candidate.   Dr. Zelensky is currently pioneering the “Leave 20/20 in the 20th Century!” movement, which seeks to modify the traditional eye examination to reflect our shift in visual usage to technology and screens, rather than free space which was used when the original 20/20 measurements were designed in 1862. Dr. Zelinsky’s work in using eyeglasses to affect retinal processing has been recognized worldwide. In fact, the past 30 years of her research has been devoted to linking perceived auditory space with perceived visual space by selectively activating peripheral retinal activity. She has earned recognition as a fellow and founding father from the Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association.  Recently, her unique perspective was recognized with awards in innovation from the group, Women in Optometry and in leadership from the Society of Brain Mapping.  Her other passions include being on the medical advisory board of “Hope for HIE” for hypoxic brain damage and on the board of directors in both the Society for Brain Mapping as well as California Brainwaves.   

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