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Meet Dr. Donalee Markus

Cognitive Restructuring for Brain Injury, Stroke, Aging, Learning Difficulties and Professional Enhancement

Donalee Markus is the founder and president of Designs for Strong Minds, a cognitive restructuring practice that utilizes contex-free visual exercises, (i.e. puzzles) to enhance mental agility, catalyze creativity and strengthen critical thinking skills in children and adults.  She began her clinical practice in 1983 and has designed over 18,000 exercises targeted to help a wide range of individuals, from children with learning difficulties to high-functioning professionals seeking a competitive edge and aging adults who want to increase their memory.


Corporate clients include but are not limited to Ameritech, Coopers and Lybrand, Los Alamos National Laboratory, McDonald's Corporation, Quaker Oats, the United States Federal Court System and NASA Critical Thinking Project (1998-2005).  Dr. Markus earned her Ph.D. from Northwestern University.  You can find Dr. Markus's publications, digital apps and detailed descriptions of her tools and techniques on her website: .

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